Release 7

New Look And Feel
Release 7 of Reportico introduces a new look and feel, many bug fixes and introduces a framework library which allows the easy construction of reports from within code.

See the new Reportico 7 in action here

You can try the new release by following this link

New Framework Report Builder
Release 7 includes a much better framework library to embed reports within code.

Its now much easier to write code to include Reportico, link to a database and define the query, page formatting, groups, charts and expressions .. for example.

          ->properties([ "bootstrap_preloaded" => true])
          ->datasource()->database("mysql:host=localhost; dbname=DATABASE NAME")->user("USER")->password("PASSWORD")
          ->title     ("Employee List")
          ->description     ("Produces a list of our employees")
          ->sql       ("
                SELECT EmployeeID employee_id, LastName last_name, FirstName first_name, BirthDate birth_date, Country
                FROM northwind_employees
                ORDER BY Country, LastName

You can view the Reportico framework documentation and examples here

Migrating from 4.x/6.x to 7.x

Version 7 tries to be as backwardly compatible as possible. All reports are compatible and therefore all report.xml can be used without changes. Projects do need to be migrated however. The correct way to upgrade is as follows.
  • After installation, point your browser at the fresh installation and set the Administrator password
  • Copy all your existing reports under your old projects folder to the new projects folder
  • For each project, use the front end to end the project configuration screen, verify the project title, name and database credentials are ok, and press the Go button. Your project shoul dbe migrated to a new config.php file. A copy of the old one is also created

Installing Reportico 7

Reportico can be installed via composer or from a zip download.

Install From Zip / Tarball

Zip/Tarball installation bundles are available at

Install Via Composer

To install the latest stable version use the following composer command under a web folder

composer create-project reportico-web/reports

This will create a reportico folder with the latest release and with your specified name.

To run your existing report projects against this release, you will need to generate new project and move the xml files in from the old projects.

to get started see the quickstart guide :-