Access Modes
Running Reportico through the Reportico Package Controller

Reportico can be accessed in standalone mode ( i.e. not embedded in a page ) through the "Mode" controller to run reports. This allows you to access Reportico through the main Yii2 index.php so you can control user access. To access Reportico in admin mode with the Mode controller, use:


To directly access a Reportico project menu that you have created, use the menu mode and pass the project name in as a GET parameter:-


To directly access a Reportico project report that you have created in criteria entry (prepare) mode, specify the prepare mode and pass in the project and report xml file ..


To directly execute a Reportico project report that you have created in criteria entry (prepare) mode, specify the prepare mode and pass in the project and report xml file ..


Passing Report Criteria Parameters within a URL

Each report designed in reportico can be created with custom user criteria selection. When running a report a user can use these criteria to filter the report data. You create criteria items within each report to allow the user to generate report output based on a selecteid date or date range, values selected from a lookup list or based on a text field. Each criteria item within a report has a name and values for a criteria item can be passed within a URL using the following format.


For dates you provide


Note that for date values you can also specify special codes as well for example :- TODAY, YESTERDAY, FIRSTOFMONTH, LASTOFMONTH and more.

For date ranges you provide


For lookup lists you can you user comma separated values

So to generate a sales report for last month for products of type food or leisure you might run something like :-


Selecting Output format

You can run report output directly to HTML, PDF, CSV, XML or JSON passing any of these options to the target_format parameter. For example:-


Passing the Project Password

If you have password protected you project then to access any reports from the command line, then you can add the URL parameter

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