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Embed report in criteria entry mode

This embeds a single report allowing user to enter criteria for and run a single report, but without access to the project menu.

        $q = new reportico();        // Fetches reportico engine
        $q->access_mode = "ONEREPORT";                // Allows access to single specified report
        $q->initial_execute_mode = "PREPARE";         // Starts user in report criteria selection mode
        $q->initial_project = "northwind";            // Name of report project folder    
        $q->initial_report = "salestotals";           // Name of report to run
        $q->bootstrap_styles = "3";                   // Set to "3" for bootstrap v3, "2" for V2 or false for no bootstrap
        $q->force_reportico_mini_maintains = true;    // Often required
        $q->bootstrap_preloaded = true;               // true if you dont need Reportico to load its own bootstrap
        $q->clear_reportico_session = true;           // Normally required
        $q->execute();                                // Run Reportico

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