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Dev active - roadmap?

Postby rbravoz » Thu Feb 01, 2018 11:42 pm

Hi Peter,
We have used reportico before for inhouse app. However, we are deciding if we should use it or not for a new large project.
So we were wondering if Reportico is still being actively improved? We didn't see much activity in Github during the past 6 months. Do you have a roadmap that you can share?
Thanks in advance
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Re: Dev active - roadmap?

Postby mschubert » Fri Feb 02, 2018 6:05 am

We have the same situation here but decided to proceed with reportico as it does what we want.
The only thing is the frontend which is very much old school and
The session handling which is a pain in the ass.

I am thinking about spending some effort here.

The 2nd topic is the selection screen which I like from the conceptual point.

If you decide to process too I would be happy to stay in touch.

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Re: Dev active - roadmap?

Postby peterdeed » Sat Feb 03, 2018 4:21 pm

Hi rbrav02 and Markus

Reportico is still very much an active project. Although there has been not much activity on Github recently, and not much released, there is a major release coming which I can tell you how to try,
Also I think a roadmap is much in order which should be put on the web site. However I can give you an update of recent developments and tell you about new functionality i have been experimenting with for development later in the year.

Next Release/Beta Release
There is a branch on github called reportico-new-architecture which I am wanting to release soon which needs a little more work.
The architectural changes relate to the fact that Reportico is now integrated with composer which means it can be installed with composer and also is much easier to integrate with other composer based projects.
You can try this with the following composer command :-

Code: Select all
composer create-project reportico-web/reportico  {WEB_FOLDER_TO INSTALL_TO}  "dev-reportico-new-architecture" --prefer-dist

This release provides the following new features and improvements which you can try out.
- Integration with Composer
- movement of all session handling into a single ReporticoSession class for easier integration with the session strategies of other projects ( might help you Markus?? )
- PDF engine is now through phantomJS, much faster and generates output based on the HTML. This also means the charts are rendered as they appear in the browser. This allows the eventual removal of the TCPDF/FPDF engines and Charting Engines i used for PDF output.
- Replacement of Smarty with Twig template management for rendering output
- The new twig environment also moves the HTML/Css and structure of report output and the reportico screens into twig templates so they can be edited
- Theme management. Reportico doesnt look any different in this release, but all the layout and styling mentioned above is is collected now into a theme folder in a folder called views. It is possible now to copy this theme and give reportico a whole new look and feel ( which isnt my strong point :-) )
- Complete refactoring of code, folder restructure and class renaming for better maintainability.

Roadmap for after this release, not necessarily in this order
- Improved storage of config options and defaults for reportico ( default/project level output styles, fonts, layout preferences, charting preferences etc )
- Ability to edit project options
- Report Main Menu and dropdown menu editor page
- Ability to store report definitions and recall them at a later date for running
- Ability to store generated report output in a folder structure for later viewing
- Ability to schedule reports to run at certain times and email output to users and/or store them in the report
- Further improve the styling control of reports to allow more easy purchase order/invoice style reports
- WYSIWYG report editor (?? quite difficult??)

With the new architecture, I am hoping it will be easier for contributors to submit to the github repository therefore helping the project become more active. I am also up for any help with documentation, website or replacing this forum with something better. Im definitely up for help with any of the roadmap items too.

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