The Stock Demo

Here is demonstration of a sample report suite that comes with Reportico and shows how reportico can be embedded in a website and fit in with the site look and feel. Try this demo to see how reports look, how criteria is specified, generation of CSV and PDF and lots more

When you first install Reportico you can run through the tutorials that guide you through building some of the reports found here.



Welcome to the Reportico demonstration and tutorials.
In the drop down menus above you will find some example reports and tutorials.

To try these reports and tutorials you will need to create the tutorial database tables
which are based upon a sample stock and orders database known as Northwind.

Click the Generate Tutorial Tables below to create the tables in an already existing database
(the tables created all begin with the prefix northwind_ so they wont conflict with any existing tables).

Once you have created the tables you are ready to
run through the exercises which are documented in the Reportico online documentation here

Generate The Tutorial Tables