Reportico for October CMS is a powerful tool for querying your database data and making it available in your web pages. This documentation gets you up and running with your first report project and then shows you how to embed a component.

Once set up, the full capabilities of Reportico can be learned by trying out the tutorials provided in the installation which can easily be setup. Also for an idea of the full capability of Reportico, you can read the full product documentation by following this link.

The following is a Reportico report into this web page. This allows to select criteria and run the report to HTML. PDF or CSV output. Note the first icon button (the blue button with the arrow) generates the report in a new browser window, this will require you to accept popups


Stock Report

  Output: HTML PDF CSV
Product Id
Category Beverages
Dairy Products
Show Only Low Stock Yes

This is a report on our product stock levels.

You can filter by country by using a multiple select list box

You can filter by category using the check boxes

You can filter by supplier by searching by a match string and selecting from the available choices

Note that low stock items are highlighted in red. To report only on low stock items click the "Show Only Low Stock" check box

Link to a standalone printable report

Click Here!

Link to a report embedded in your website

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