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Reportico 7

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Report Designer

Design and run reports
Embed reports within web pages.

Create a simple report using the designer front end in seconds from a single SQL statement. Add expressions, user criteria, charts, groups, aggregations, page headers, page footers, hyperlinks and even custom plugin code.

Report Builder Framework

Create in code a builder query, set the formatting, expression, paging and embed in your page ...

    ->datasource()->database("mysql:host=localhost; dbname=db")
    ->title ("Employees Grouped By Country")
    ->sql   ("SELECT employee_id code, name, country FROM employees")
    ->group ("country")->customHeader("Employees in {country}")
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Joomla! Reportico Module

Design and run reports as administrator
Embed reports in Joomla! web pages.
Create links to reports within web pages

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Laravel Reportico Module

Use the Laravel Reportico package to design reports, create links and embed reports in your Laravel web application.

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Yii 1.1 and 2
Reportico Module

Use the Yii Reportico controller to design reports, create links and embed reports in your Yii web application.

Yii 1.1 Module Yii 2 Module

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