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This demonstration shows Reportico running in design mode, to show you how reports are designed. Yo cannot save these reports but you can modify the SQL, change the report title, set attributes etc.

Also this makes use of Reportico's abillity to be embedded. Click here for instructions on how to embed Reportico into your website. 


Reportico Tutorial

Northwind Tutorials System


Welcome to the Reportico demonstration and tutorials.
In the drop down menus above you will find some example reports and tutorials.

To try these reports and tutorials you will need to create the tutorial database tables
which are based upon a sample stock and orders database known as Northwind.

Click the Generate Tutorial Tables below to create the tables in an already existing database
(the tables created all begin with the prefix northwind_ so they wont conflict with any existing tables).

Once you have created the tables you are ready to
run through the exercises which are documented in the Reportico online documentation here

Generate The Tutorial Tables