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The Joomla! module is available for purchase at  $10.

The Reportico Joomla module for Joomla! 2.5 and 3.0 allows you to run reports designed within the Reportico report creator within your Joomla web site.

Generate report output within on your pages, allow visitors access to report suites or just single reports. Open printable report page from site links. Embed graphs within your website and create CSV or PDF download links.

After downloading, you will need some help getting started. The following quick guide may be useful in showing you what to do after you have installed the module:-

Reportico Joomla Extension - Getting Started

Also for an idea of the complexity of Reportico the full product documentation will also be useful for adding criterias, expressions etc

This is available on the Main Reportico documentation page.

The following are Reportico report outputs embedded into a web page. The first charts the web hits for Reportico web site and the second embeds a stock control report from some other tables in the database.


Web Hits

Reportico Website Hits / Page

Stock Level

ProductIn StockReorder LevelOn Order
Guaraná Fantástica2000
Sasquatch Ale111150
Steeleye Stout20150
Côte de Blaye17150
Chartreuse verte6950
Ipoh Coffee172510
Laughing Lumberjack Lager52100
Outback Lager153010
Rhönbräu Klosterbier125250
Stock Report
ProductIn StockReorder LevelOn Order
Aniseed Syrup132570
Chef Anton's Cajun Seasoning5300
Chef Anton's Gumbo Mix000
Grandma's Boysenberry Spread120250
Northwoods Cranberry Sauce600
Genen Shouyu3950
Gula Malacca27150
Sirop d'érable113250
Louisiana Fiery Hot Pepper Sauce7600
Louisiana Hot Spiced Okra420100
Original Frankfurter grüne Soße32150
Stock Report
ProductIn StockReorder LevelOn Order
Teatime Chocolate Biscuits2550
Sir Rodney's Marmalade4000
Sir Rodney's Scones3540
NuNuCa Nuß-Nougat-Creme76300
Gumbär Gummibärchen1500
Schoggi Schokolade49300
Zaanse koeken3600
Valkoinen suklaa65300
Tarte au sucre1700
Scottish Longbreads61510
Stock Report
CategoryDairy Products
ProductIn StockReorder LevelOn Order
Queso Cabrales223030
Queso Manchego La Pastora8600
Gorgonzola Telino02070
Mascarpone Fabioli92540
Raclette Courdavault7900
Camembert Pierrot1900
Mozzarella di Giovanni1400
Stock Report
ProductIn StockReorder LevelOn Order
Gustaf's Knäckebröd104250
Singaporean Hokkien Fried Mee2600
Filo Mix38250
Gnocchi di nonna Alice213010
Ravioli Angelo36200
Wimmers gute Semmelknödel223080
Stock Report
ProductIn StockReorder LevelOn Order
Mishi Kobe Niku2900
Alice Mutton000
Thüringer Rostbratwurst000
Perth Pasties000
Pâté chinois115200
Stock Report
ProductIn StockReorder LevelOn Order
Uncle Bob's Organic Dried Pears15100
Rössle Sauerkraut2600
Manjimup Dried Apples20100
Longlife Tofu4520
Stock Report
ProductIn StockReorder LevelOn Order
Carnarvon Tigers4200
Nord-Ost Matjeshering10150
Inlagd Sill112200
Gravad lax112550
Boston Crab Meat123300
Jack's New England Clam Chowder85100
Røgede sild51570
Escargots de Bourgogne62200
Röd Kaviar10150
Stock Report

Link to a standalone printable report

Click Here!

Link to a report embedded in your website

Click Here!


We recommend trying the standalone Reportico to generate reports against your database before trying the Joomla version. Any reports you create can then be used within Joomla. Reportico  requires knowledge of SQL to generate reports as report shows SQL results in tabular form. Some features such as expressions and custom source require knowledge of PHP.