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Reportico PHP Report Designer

An Open Source PHP web reporting tool. Design reports. Build Report Menus. Embed reports in web pages. Add criteria selection. Run to HTML, PDF, CSV. Groups. Charts. Expressions. Drilldowns. Bootstrap compatible. 

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Latest Release 4.1
Release 4.1 is available. This release adds quick edit buttons for quicker report design. You no need click so many buttons to change the report query, column definitions criteria, groups and graphs
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Joomla! Reportico Module
Design and run reports in administration panel.
Embed your reports in Joomla web pages.
Create links to reports from your Joomla! web pages.

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Yii Reportico Module
Use the Yii Reportico controller to design reports, create links and embed reports in your Yii web application.

Yii 1.1 module available!! Read more ....

Yii 2.0 module available!! Read more ....