Reportico Laravel Module

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Embed report in criteria entry mode - with less options

Look below and you will some of the buttons and checkboxes removed to create a cleaner interfaces. You can turn these off using the output_template_parameters. Using this you can hide the checkboxes that control of whether report graphs, detail, groups are shown. Or you can hide the report to CSV button. In the example below we have hidden everything except the button that produces a printable HTML report in another browser window.

    $engine = App::make("getReporticoEngine");
    $engine->initial_execute_mode = "MENU";
    $engine->access_mode = "ONEPROJECT";
    $engine->initial_report = "salestotals";
    $engine->initial_project = "northwind";
    $engine->clear_reportico_session = true;
    $engine->output_template_parameters["show_hide_navigation_menu"] = "show";
    $engine->output_template_parameters["show_hide_dropdown_menu"] = "show";
    $engine->output_template_parameters["show_hide_report_output_title"] = "hide";
    $engine->output_template_parameters["show_hide_prepare_section_boxes"] = "hide";
    $engine->output_template_parameters["show_hide_prepare_pdf_button"] = "hide";
    $engine->output_template_parameters["show_hide_prepare_html_button"] = "hide";
    $engine->output_template_parameters["show_hide_prepare_print_html_button"] = "show";
    $engine->output_template_parameters["show_hide_prepare_csv_button"] = "hide";
    $engine->output_template_parameters["show_hide_prepare_page_style"] = "hide";

Monthly Sales

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Customer ANY
Order Date  -
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