Reportico Laravel Module

Welcome to the Reportico Laravel Module - Demo Site

You are looking at a Laravel site which incorporates the Reportico package.

The Reportico Laravel Module allows you design reports which can be embedded or linked to within your Laravel web site all accessed through a dedicated controller.

As well as the standard Reportico features the module offers the following :-

  • Embed Reports into your web pages. Embed a complete report suite with menu, individual reports with criteria selection or individual report output
  • Ability to report based on logged in user using the {FRAMEWORK_USER} parameter
  • Ability to create report projects against the default laravel connection or against other databases defined in app/config/database.php
  • Use Reportico's default styling, or let it adapt to your site's bootstrap look and feel

Here you can find out how to install and get started with the module as well as examples of running Reportico within your site application.

Installation >>