Reportico Installation Structure

Structure Overview

The Reportico installation package comprises the Reportico reporting classes, basic runner scripts to allow you run the reporting tool, example tutorial reports and configuration files.

This section describes the key files and directories that make up Reportico.

The core reporting tool class files

The reportico.php file is the core Reportico engine file. If you are embedding Reportico reports into your web pages this is the file you will need to include. See embedding for more details. But you don't have to embed in your pages - it will just as easily run using the supplied PHP run.php runner script.

Suplied runner

The install directory comes with the run.php file that allows you to run Reportico straight from the browser. This is used to run Reportico in the full browser screen as opposed to embedding Reportico within your own web pages.

Core directories

projects/tutorials The example tutorial reports that provide an example reporting system for an imaginary DVD store. These are discussed in the tutorials reference. This directory contains the reports in the form of xml files and a menu system in menu.php.
projects/admin Contains the configuration files which control the Administrator functions.
templates Contains all the Smarty HTML templates which (along with the stylesheet) control the look and feel of Reportico screens. The key templates below allow for nationalisation as they are prefixed with the language/locale definition they refer to
admin.tpl Controls layout of the Administration Menu Page
menu.tpl Controls layout of report menus
prepare.tpl Controls layout of report criteria entry and execution screen
maintain.tpl Controls layout of the report design front end
It is perfectly possible to alter the layout to your own specifications but modifications should be made carefully.
templates_c This must provide write access to the web server in order to allow Reportico to operate. This is where Reportico HTML output is prepared by the Smarty templating engine for sending to the browser
fpdf FPDF generation library and PDF fonts
js JQuery and Javacript files.
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