Northwind Tutorial

About this Tutorial

This tutorial is designed to get you going with a simple report and then build more complexity in one feature at a time.

You must be logged in as Administrator to follow the tutorials as you need to be able to access report design mode.

This tutorial is based around the used Northwind customer order dataset. In order to run this tutorial you will need to set up the database tables in a Mysql database. The tutorial menu system provides a link to allow quick set up of the tutorial data.

Configure the Tutorial Database

You must have an existing MySQL database set up to run the tutorials. Before you can generate the tutorial data you need to configure the tutorial project to know about your database. To do this select the Configure Tutorials from the Administration Page ( you will need to be logged in as Administrator ) as follows :-

Selecting the Configure Tutorials brings up the following screen :-

Follow the onscreen instructions. Once configured you need to return to the administration page by clicking the Project Menu option, and then select Run Project Report Suite option on the tutorials as shown on the following screen :-

You are now in the tutorials project menu as follows :-

Setting up the Tutorial Database

From the tutorial project menu select the Generate Tutorial Database to open the following screen :-

If setting up for the first time, leave the Create Table option selected and press the Go button. You may recreate the tables by choosing the Recreate Tables option.

The Tutorial Database

The Northwind reporting system provides the data and reports to get information about suppliers, customers, products and orders. The database comprises 5 tables which are named with the prefix northwind_ so they can be created in an existing database without hopefully conflicting with existing tables.

The following tables are created :-

northwind_categories northwind_customers northwind_employees northwind_order_details northwind_orders northwind_products northwind_shippers northwind_suppliers

The Tutorial Reports

The tutorials involve manually setting up the reports in stages. All the tutorial reports created in this section are already available within the tutorials directory under the main Reportico installation area so that you can easily try out the finished version before creating your own.

Run a report by selecting the appropriate entry from the tutorials report menu. To run the tutorials project menu, you can run the tutorials project menu from the Administration page or alternatively you can point your browser at the URL of :-


Instructions for running each report are provided in the following tutorial chapters and on the report screens themselves.

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